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Reaching Ahead LLC

Dr. Tim Herzog, EdD

Now in Annapolis, MD!!!

Enlist Tim Herzog's wealth of experience as you take on life challenges or simply work to perform consistently.   Tim has been a counselor/therapist with agencies such as the US Naval Academy, Howard Community College, and Advocates for Survivors of Torture and Trauma.  Tim has also been a mental skills coach with organizations such as the Army Center for Enhanced Performance and IMG Academies.  

Counseling and Therapy Tim is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who has experience working with many populations including military, torture/trauma survivors, college students, & everyday people. He has worked with people on addressing a wide range of concerns such as PTSD, anxiety, grief & loss, interpersonal issues, career pursuits, and difficult adjustments.  Change takes courage.  Be courageous by seeking a helping hand and approaching your concerns.

Mental Performance  
Tim is also a Certified Consultant with the Association of Applied Sport Psychology and a member of the USOC Sport Psychology and Mental Training Registry.  Whether in sports, performing arts, business, or any other performance arena, work with Tim to master the head game and consistently perform like you know you can.  

Team Trainings  
Tim can also lead workshops and ongoing trainings.  Mental skills workshops are often aimed at helping teams and other groups with goal-setting, energy management, mindful attention, self-talk, imagery & mental practice, and communication.  Tim will work with you on developing a program that meets your needs.  

*Tim is open to providing a free introductory workshop to teams and organizations seeking exposure to mental skills training.

Want to check out open time slots or schedule a session online?  Check out Scheduling, etc.  (New clients should first inquire by phone).


Elite Movement Connections
304 Harry Truman Parkway
Annapolis, MD 21401

(410) 980-2014

From Route 50:  Exit #22: "Rte 665/Aris T. Allen Blvd/Riva Rd".  Exit again immediately onto Riva Road.  At the bottom of the ramp, turn RIGHT.  Turn LEFT at the second light onto Harry S. Truman Parkway, between the Shell Station and CVS.  Immediately turn RIGHT and 304B is the SECOND building on the LEFT

From Annapolis/Eastport: Forest Dr. (Aries T. Allen Blvd.) Turn LEFT on Rte 2 (Solomon's Island Road). Turn RIGHT onto Admiral Cochraine Road.  At the 4 way stop sign, turn LEFT onto Harry S. Truman Parkway.  Turn LEFT between the High Starr Copy and CVS.  304B is the second building on the LEFT.

2nd Alternate Route: From Riva Road.  Turn LEFT into the Annapolis Tecnology Park at the light between Dunkin Donuts and the Vietnamese Restaurant.  304B is to the LEFT.

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